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I was working at a Venue Sche​duled for 14 Nights in MD THE Hotel I was Booked to stay in was a reputable but older hotel.  However, unfortunately, the air qual​ity was really bad. It was an older hotel, the Air vents from the AC ducts were really dusty.  I’ve suffered for years from Environmental Allergies. Also allergic to dust.  I’m Also Extremely allergic to Mold and Mildew. The first night's stay I began to get sick from the bad air quality.  The next day on my break my partner and I stopped to check out the other vendors at the event.  The Triad Aer booth was there, after seeing the demo, we purchased it, brought it back to the hotel and could see a dramatic difference in the air quality within a very short period of time about a half-hour.  Became so impressed, I witnessed first hand how wonderful this unit was and the experience I had with it I began to think about all of my customers who it would be beneficial for, knowing they would benefit greatly. Wanted to be able to share this amazing device with everyone I know and come in contact with because it truly changes lives.  One of the most important things today is proper air quality for everyone so I became a Distributor with the company.

Those who suffer from Allergies, Sinus, Asthma, Breathing issues can benefit from this wonderful product.

It is great for basements. I find with basements the air quality is much thicker, also damp, and has a tendency to develop Mold or Mildew. This unit works beautifully as a great help in changing the quality of the air and resolve that issue.

We had a pipe burst and water damage in our kitchen all the way down to our subfloor and into our crawl space. It was a leak that went on for a while without us knowing it. We didn’t realize it until the marble tile in the kitchen began to buckle up like the aftermath of an earthquake. The result, the whole kitchen had to be gutted.

This Air Purification System proved its weight gold again. Once the repairs began, We had Tile, Mortar, Carpentry dust from custom cabinets being made on site.  During this whole process, the Air Unit ran constantly.  However, each night we would put it on sanitize mode.  After the completion of the construction, my worry was that there would be no way to clean our home.  Thanks to My TRIAD AER the worry was dismissed. To our surprise, as we went to wipe the walls there was no dust. This unit zaps the dust and drops it to the ground.

It also eliminates odors, for example, burnt food in the kitchen, cooked seafood or fish, nail salon odors, beauty Salon odors, closet odors and much more. 



The very first oil I sampled was Whisper.  My chiropra​ctor in​troduced it to me after the results from my scan showed what I was lacking.  For the next 4 months as I applied it, I could see a marked improvement in my mood and Hormonal Balance.  At that time I didn’t even know any other oils existed!

Next, my nutritionist introduced me to the Emotions Oils.  A muscle test revealed Passion oil overwhelmingly was a solution for me. Then there was Cinnamon — I needed Cinnamon so badly, it ranked 600 positive!  From the moment I put it on, I felt amazing things start to happen.  First, as I applied it to the back of my neck, my neck cracked.  Since I had recently experienced a rear-end accident and was at the Chiropractor every month, Passion Oil came at the right time.

Then as I inhaled the oil Aroma — all of a sudden it felt as if books in my brain began to open up to things that I forgot existed. Up to that time, I was only wearing the color Black 90 % of the time.  However, Passion Oil reawakened my desire to wear a variety of  colors again.  It even inspired me to pull out my paint brush and start painting again; something I hadn’t done in 10 years!  The paint brush jumped from the canvas to the physical rooms inside my house with so much zest I literally ended up painting every wall with bright bold colors.  Each room now had its own theme of brilliance to emit feeling.  My love for all the colors in the Rainbow was back!

The Oils woke up my creativity.  Then Passion oil entered my life turned an inner light on and my creative side came back.  Essential Oils truly changed my life.  Believe it or not, the oils really helped me became more in-tuned with my body and what it needed.  It empowered  me to be more intune with people and help them improve the quality if their  life.   

Weight loss is an issue for many people, I have discovered that emotions play a big part in weight loss.  The emotional Aromatherapy Kit helped to balance me emotionally, and physically!  It helped me to stop craving carbs and sugar.  It helped to give me a more positive out look and helped me to lose 80 pounds in 3 1/2 months. 

So when I say these oils changed my life forever, they truly have. It is my hope that my personal experiences will help the many out there who are ready for a change in a positive way.  To Give Essential Oils a chance.  It’s safe, healthy and worth its weight in gold!  I am living proof.

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